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Season 2

Episode 20: The Movember Special: Ultimate toolkit for dads

In the final episode of season 2, Ross and Dan are again joined by Jeremy and Jane from Movember. In this episode, Jeremy delves into his book The Father Hood and Jane reveals what tools are available to help dads in the journey to be the best dad possible.

(there’s also some gold tips on how to grow the perfect ‘mo)

Episode 19: The Movember Special: Doing it for dads

Dadvicates Jeremy and Jane from Movember join the boys to share all the great things Movember are doing for “Fatherhood” and men’s mental health. They give a revealing insight into how the foundation works and what they’re doing to help men as they transition into the “dad” role.

Episode 18: The IVF rollercoater

Dan and Ross speak with Queensland radio personality Cliff Kern, who walks them through the highs and lows of the IVF journey. For anyone who’s facing a similar journey, let Cliff walk you through what you need to know.

Episode 17: Boom time with Damian Martin

Australian basketball legend, Damian Martin, joins the boys for an entertaining, enlightening chat about choosing your baby’s birth over your spot in the team, whether having a baby makes you play better and yes, we talk about his steal off Kevin Durant AND his family connection to the Wiggles. A must listen!

Episode 16: #dadhacks

Every dad worth their salt knows just how valuable a good #dadhack can be. Ross and Dan count down their top 5 #dadhacks, with some absolute rippers that are sure to be of use to all dads.

Episode 15: Life as a Same-sex parent

Yeah, being a dad has its moments but how does it all go down in a same-sex relationship? Dan and Ross speak with same-sex parent Georgia, who shares her experience as a new parent in a world which might not be as progressive as you might think.

Episode 14: Giving up something you love

Becoming a dad means a whole bunch of sacrifices that have to be made. In this revealing episode, Ross and Dan talk about their personal experience of giving up something they loved to do, for the sake of their new family life. The question remains though, can a compromise be reached that still allows new dads a bit of “me” time?

Episode 13: Tips to survive your first night alone with baby

Every dad will go through the panic and mayhem of “the first time” they are left alone, at home, with the baby. Ross and Dan share their experiences and reveal some tips and tricks that just might make the experience a little more enjoyable (and a little less stressful).

Episode 12: Our baby was a premmie

As two Dads who experienced relatively “normal” births, Ross and Dan speak with fellow Dad Andrew Stewart, who went through the roller coaster ride of having his baby born 11 weeks premature. This revealing, confronting episode will lift the curtain on what goes through a Dad’s mind with his new baby in such a critical condition.

Episode 11: How my single mum taught me to be a dad

Ross and Dan speak with Direct Advice For Dads’ feature writer, Stephen Corby. His article, How My Single Mum Taught Me To Be A Dad, is a revealing insight into how Stephen tackled the journey of fatherhood, using his single Mum as inspiration. In this episode, Stephen reveals what he learnt from his journey so far.

Episode 10: When dads have to travel for work

Parenting is a whole different game when your work takes you regularly away from home. We talk to travelling dad Darren Stralow about how he and his family do it.

Episode 9: To snip, or not to snip?

For many dads, there comes a time when you have to make THAT choice. To snip, or not to snip? Ross recently took the snip option and he shares the ins and outs of what happens should you choose to do the same. If it’s something that’s on your radar, you best listen to this.

Episode 8: Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Those fun times you knew as your active sex life sort of go out the door for a bit once kids come along. So we thought we’d have an open conversation about it and what new and soon-to-be Dads can expect once baby comes along.

And yes, we’ve got psychologist Dr Marny Lishman to discuss the psychological changes in both a new Mum and new Dad when bub comes along. Sorry boys, it’s not all about you anymore!

Episode 7: The importance of ‘me’ time

Does going on a boys’ trip make you a better dad? We all hope it does – but we’ve (foolishly?) put the question to the test.

Listen to Aussie dad Dan give his theory on why boys’ trips make a better parent, and then feedback from renowned psychologist and media commentator Dr Marny Lishman, in this episode of the DAD Podcast!

Episode 6: Kids these days – excess, excess, excess

As a dad, you won’t see much more extravagance than when your child’s birthday comes around. And let’s not even mention Christmas. Ross and Dan ask the question, how much is too much when it comes to presents for your kids?

Episode 5: Hey celebrity dads – tone it down!

Ross and Dan lament the celebrity Dad, and how most of them are setting too high a bar when it comes to being a good dad. Regular Direct Advice for Dads writer, Ben Pobje, joins the guys to share his feelings on the matter.

Episode 4: Being good men with radio legend Gus Worland

A revealing, intimate chat with an Aussie radio legend, who reveals his personal struggle with conceiving initially, and how that struggle led to three wonderful children and a crusade for championing men’s mental health amongst fellow dads. As Gus says, it’s more than okay to show vulnerability.
Also, Gus spills the beans on his best mate, Hugh Jackman. What’s he really like as a fellow dad?

FOOTNOTE: If you, or someone you know is struggling, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Episode 3: Talking all things “Dadtech”!

Australia’s tech guru himself, Trevor Long, joins the boys to chat all things “Dadtech”. Trevor goes through the do’s and don’ts of what to look for in some of the techie things you’ll need as a dad, including baby monitors, apps and thermometers. A must listen for expecting and new dads, with a little bonus for the dads amongst us with older kids.

Episode 2: Dadsolation – Part 2

Ross is now out of isolation and back in the real world, but now he’s in the same boat as the rest of us, and doing our bit to limit the horrendous scourge of COVID-19. Ross and Dan share their experiences of self isolation and reveal their tips and tricks to try and stay “normal” in a world turned upside down. Can any good come out of this situation for Dads and their families?

Episode 1: Dadsolation – Part 1

It’s a brand new season for Direct Advice For Dads and we’re stuck in a crazy time at the moment. Ross calls in on the last day of his enforced fortnight of COVID-19 isolation and reveals to Dan what it’s been like to be stuck in the house with wife and kids.

Season 1

Episode 1: All your relationships change

When you become a father, all your relationships change – sometimes in unexpected ways. Ross Edwards and Dan Van Der Meer spill the beans on how their mates have come and gone and how they have a new level of respect for and from their own parents.


Episode 2: Take it or leave it – parenting advice

Hosts Ross Edwards and Dan Van Der Meer do their best to distil their years of sleepless nights and utter helplessness into advice you can use in your own fathering journey.


Episode 3: Work-life balance…is it possible?

When you have a new human being in the house, you need to figure out what works for everyone. Going to work is a break from the stresses of looking after your kid, but when you’re home, it’s game on. Is work-life balance possible? Is leisure allowed outside of work hours?


Episode 4: The main event – birth

Enough with the books and fluffy blog articles, we want to know what birth is really like. Dan and Ross spare no details as they recount their birth experiences and provide seasoned advice for expecting dads. For guys who’ve been through it, this will be a chuckle-inducing trip down memory lane.


Episode 5: What kids need from their dads

How can I be a good dad? How can I give my kid the very best? What does my kid really need from me as a dad? We dive into some research-based tips and proven methods from special guest Steven Rushforth of The Fathering Project.


Episode 6: You think you’ve made mistakes… #dadguilt

Raise your hand if you’re a perfect parent who never stuffs up. Ok, you can all leave. For the rest, here’s how to deal with all the mistakes you’ll make. Plus a few funny stories from Ross and Dan!


Episode 7: Parties, presents & eating out

Birthday parties with dads you don’t know. A billion presents you may or may not have any use for. Crazy aunts and grandparents with houses full of sharp corners and expensive vases and the tragic circus that is eating out with young children. Here’s how to limp through these experiences without stepping on too many landmines.


Episode 8: Kicking goals through 3 pregnancies

SPECIAL GUEST: AFL Legend Drew Petrie
What’s harder: going full tilt on the oval or raising three kids? Hear what this footy and fathering legend has to say about it, plus work-life balance and the controversial combo of kids and technology.


Episode 9: Fathering vs Mothering

Wrestling versus cuddling. Indoor versus outdoor play. Discipline versus nurture. We pull apart some cliches in male vs female parenting, and give you some advice on how to make it all work.


Episode 10: Should you join a dads’ group?

Are dads’ groups worth it? What do dads get out of it? What about kids? We bring in an expert involved in over 200 groups to tell us what happens when dads connect.


Episode 11: How to adjust to being a dad

You have to give up things you used to do. You have to take on new responsibilities and build new habits. You have another tiny life depending on you, for crying out loud! Here’s how all this went for Ross and Dan, and some advice on how to deal with it.


Episode 12: Preparing for battle: male nesting

We’re not about to clean the house and reorganise the nappy draw five times, but we might find our selves building stuff, checking locks and worrying about money. This is male nesting or ‘mesting’. And it’s real. And it’s manly.


Episode 13: What to expect when you become a dad

Close the internet tabs. Ditch the books. This is what you can really expect and how to deal with it from dads who’ve been there.


Episode 14: How our dads did it

Times are changing, and so is fatherhood, but what has changed over the years? Does the apple fall far from the tree? We ask a father and son about their parenting experiences.


Episode 15: How to find meaning as a dad

As dads, we get told how to do stuff all the time. Here’s how to press pause on the instructions and traditions so you can enjoy the journey and be the dad YOU want to be.


Episode 16: A dad’s role in pregnancy and birth

Expecting dads: have no fear. You grab a beer, we’ll grab a midwife with 25 years experience and together we’ll unpack a dad’s role in pregnancy and birth.


Episode 17: Feeling isolated? Men’s Shed can help

Social isolation is a major factor in depression, emotional issues and suicide in men. It’s easy to get isolated as a dad, so we’ve invited Bill Johnstone from Men’s Shed who explains why it’s so important to connect, and how to do that at one of the almost 1,000 Men’s Sheds across Australia.


Episode 18: Being a single dad

Being a single parent is hard. But it can be joyful, too. We discuss both with single dad Michael Ray.


Episode 19: The first 3 months

Any dad will tell you – the first 3 months are hell. Here’s what to expect and how to thrive from post-natal support specialist Dr. Stuart Prosser.


Episode 20: What makes it all worthwhile

When you’re tired, frustrated, sore and staring down the barrel of another hectic day (or year), this is the stuff you need to remember.



The Direct Advice for Dads Podcast brings the stories we love to the world of audio. In this podcast you will hear from our hosts Ross Edwards and Dan Van Der Meer as well as a bevy of guests.

Listen in as radio hosts and proud parents Ross Edwards and Dan Van der Meer bravely recount their experiences as dads, and sprinkle in some words of wisdom from the DAD blog articles on this site.

The podcast will tackle all of the subjects we care about as expecting and newly minted dads and deliver it to your ears when you have the time to listen: while you’re ironing your shirts, on the bike or the bus on the way to work or while you’re mowing the lawn.

Dads have limited time to read and if we can help you get a little more help, a little more information or a little more laughter in your dad-life, then we’ve done our job.


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