The game-changing gift guaranteed to please your partner

If Mum needs a break, give this present a spin.

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I want to share something with my fellow dads that could be one of the best ideas you are ever likely to hear when it comes to parenting and keeping the other half happy. It was for me.

Through sheer, dumb luck, I discovered a gift idea for my wife and the mother to our three kids that made me a superhero, not only in our household but also among our friends.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer, just sit down and get ready for this game changer.

Next time you have an important moment in her life — birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, whatever, give her the gift of removing yourself and your children away from the house for a weekend.

Trust me, it’s guaranteed to please.

So here is how I stumbled upon this genius idea.

A couple of years ago, I was going through a phase of trying a little too hard to please my wife in the present department.

I’d resorted to hassling one of her best friends routinely for ideas.

Her best friend has very similar tastes to my wife, so her recommendations for something like a new dress, a new scent, a new pair of sunnies were always welcome and always hit the mark.

When my wife’s friend became a mother herself, I asked yet again for a gift idea in the lead up to my wife’s birthday.

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And she hit me with this absolute gold:

“You know what Dan? I’d just love a weekend to myself, by myself, in my own home!”

Now, it’s fair to say I was a little shocked at how lame this idea sounded at first.

“Really? A weekend in your own house, by yourself?”

When questioned, my wife’s friend clarified.

  1. A weekend of silence, with no kids or hubbie to pester her, will be absolute bliss.
  2. There’s no pressure to dress up or make an effort. She can literally stay in her PJ’s and watch Netflix on the couch for the entire weekend.
  3. She gets at least two nights of uninterrupted sleep, in her own bed, where she also gets the chance to SLEEP IN, if she so pleases (which she will, who wouldn’t).
  4. She also gets the chance to shower when she wants, for as long as she wants, with no interruptions.
  5. There is no one to fend for but herself… for 48 GLORIOUS hours.

Not being the most inventive bloke, I’ve now given this as a birthday “voucher” type present on a few occasions, and my wife has been keen to cash in on it, each and every time … not because she’s desperate to get away from the kids or anything, more that she’s craved another chance at all of the reasons listed above.

Of course, we can’t all afford to take ourselves plus kids off to Crown Towers for a weekend, so you have to be a little creative if money is tight.

I usually end up at my parents’ house for the weekend … they’re always keen to spend a little more time with the grandies, and that way I’ve got a bit of extra help with the kids if needed (within reason of course).

“Through sheer, dumb luck, I discovered a gift idea for my wife and the mother to our three kids that made me a superhero.”

I’ve got to say too, as a dad that goes to work each day, it’s pretty eye-opening to spend some quality time with the kids where it’s ALL on you.

I don’t know about you guys, but our kids will often go to Mum first when it comes to questions like: “Muuuum, can I have a bag of chips”, “Muuuum, my legs are tired, can you carry me to bed”, and “Muuuum, she hit me!”

When you’re in the thick of it and copping this type of attention, you get to appreciate the other side of life pretty quickly.

Props to all the single parents out there, as life becomes instantly more intense when it’s all on you when you’re on your lonesome.

And that’s the beauty of this gift idea … if you are a parent who works all week, you get an appreciation of what it’s like to look after the kids solo all day (and she gets to “miss” the kids).

I’ve got to say too, this type of present is really suited to the parents with younger kiddies.

My wife reckons it didn’t have as much impact on her recently, mainly because our kids are now full time at school, meaning she gets moments to herself during the school year.

So, if you’ve got kids under five and you think you can cope with the added pressure, take them away for the weekend. Your partner will love it!


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